Pick and Place Machine

Samsung SM321 SM421 SM471 SM481 SM482

Samsung Sm321; SM421, SM471, SM481,SM482

in very good work condition

Located in Shenzhen, China

SM481 Specification

■ 38,000 CPH(Optimum)

■ 1 Gantry x 10 Spindles/Head

■ Applicable part: 0402 ~ □42mm(H 15mm)

■ Applicable PCB: 460(L) x 400(W)(Standard)

                            Max. 740(L) x 460(W)(Option)

■ High speed, high precision and electrically driven feeder

  – Automatic pick-up position alignment function

  – Compatible with SM pneumatic feeders

■ New vacuum system and optimized pickup/placement motion SMART Feeder

  – World’s first Auto Splicing and Auto Loading