PCB handling equipment

Automatic SMT Loader

Product introduction:

1.This unit is used to send PCBs out from magazine to SMT production line .
2.Stable and reliable PLC control system;
3.Easy to operate LED touch screen control interface;
4.The pneumatic clamps of top and bottom three point provided for the magazine alignment;
5.Effective thrust design can ensure the PCB is unbroken;
6.3 magazines loading capability.
7.Direction from left to right or right to left(optional).
8.Machine always fault monitoring;
9.Solid and stable design;
10.SMEMA port is compatible;

 Technical parameters
Function This unit is used to send PCBs out from magazine to SMT production line
PCB thickness Min0.6mm
Magazine number Transport up:1pcs,transport down:1ps,(or customized)
Step pitches select 1-4(10mm step pitches)
PCB loading time Approx 6 seconds
Magazine change-over time Approx 30 seconds
Transport direction Left to right/right to left(optional)
Transport height 900±20mm(or customized)
Air pressure 4-6 bar, MAX 10L/minute
Power supply 100-230V AC(customized)  single phase,  MAX 300V/A
This is the standard model

Model No HR-250 HR-330 HR-390 HR-460
PCB size (L×W)~(L×W)mm (50x50)~(350x250) (50x50)~(455x330) (50x50)~(530x390) (50x50)~(530x460)
Machine size (L×W×H)mm 1370×750×1200 1550×830×1200 1750×920×1200 1750×990×1200
Magazine size (L×W×H)mm 355×320×563 460×400×563 535×460×570 535×530×570
Weight 110kg 135kg 155kg 175kg