SMT Reflow Oven Line

Bestemp 6/10/15 channel Thermal Profiler

1.High efficiency, data can be stored up to 16 times continuously, and can be downloard to computer for group data viewing.

2. Modular analysis mode, simple and fast analysis system can be based on PC (Windows) and PDA (Pocket) for data analysis

3.Low power consumption, large capacity Li-ion battery can be used for power supply and the capacity can reah 2500mAh, and can work for over 100 hours without break. Quick charge for ten mintures is engouth for use.

4.Communication mode using serial, USB and wireless transmission, suitable for a variety of working environments. Can stand the most stringent lead-free process and harsh indusrial environments

5. Rigorous manufacturing process and precise calibration services, all exfactory instruments shall stand perfect internal calibration and external calibration. Work with CTI as stategic partner to ensure each single instrument stable and reliable.

6.Insure all devices are with right data, reliability, small size and big capacity(can store about 5,000,000 data), using flash as the chipset, data will not be loss at any time.

1. Simple and easy operation. All data are managed with database, and can be quickly imported with wizard into manufaturing process for analysis.

2. Software operation Equipped with Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and other languages;

3.High temperature protection, the instrument internal temperature exceeds 70 ℃ automatically turn off the test function, more than 80 ℃ automatic turn off the power

4. Sampling frequency setting (0.05 seconds to 30 minutes);

5. Measurement accuracy ± 0.5 ℃ (-40 ℃ ~ 1370 ℃), the collection method can be selected for button to start, the temperature trigger start or time start.

6. Intelligent control, in any case have indicator light (power is too low, state of charge, data

Data erase, memory overflow, high temperature warning, instrument reset, etc.);

Technical Parameters




5000000 points 

Test Channel

6 /10/15channels

Sampling frequency

0.05s~50 Min





Run Voltage




Thermocouple Types




Max. inner runtemperature


simulation fuction


Software Analysis

1. BESTEMP furnace temperature testing and analysis software involves a wide range of temperature testing of electronic assembly processes. It Is a set of efficient, convenient, fast, easy to operate analysis software, its modular structure allows customers can choose what they need. And the software analysis functions are as follows:

2. Record the temperature at each point and show it through the curve

3. The slope and time between any two points

4. Any point above the temperature or below the slope, time changes

Accurately reflects the highest, lowest, average temperature and standard deviation

5. and can do the alarm settings for each part, detailed wave soldering process

Thermometer configuration checklist

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