SMT Reflow Oven Line

HRM-640 840 Lead Free Reflow Oven

HRM-640/840 Lead Free Reflow Oven Features

1.Streamline shape design make the oven looks great. Touch screen and PLC controlling system .It can save 50 groups temperature parameters and provide extra 2 ports for profile testing.

2.The software has the functions like , temperature setting and editing, PCB parameter menu, and profile testing, alarms and multi-languages conversion.

3.Brand electrical component like Schneider (German) breaker, KETE(Korea) SSR, Omron (Japan) box breaker. Meanwhile the CE certificated blower is specially design for lead-free reflow oven. It runs stable and lower noise.

4.Upper zone and hood can be opened by the electrical screw automatically. It is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance.Electrical pole will hold the upper zone andn cover, even when power is off suddently, the cover will not drop down. It's much safer than the air cylinder holder.

5.Specially designed Ni-Cr heater filaments, provide a very quick ramp up time. It takes just 15 minutes from ambient to setting temperature.

6.The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which easy for cleans.

7.The entire upper and bottom zones are forced air convection; provide great temperature accuracy and uniform.

8.Stainless steel mesh belt and pin chain conveyor work together.

9.Industrial chiller provides better cooling performance.

Machine Schematics
Powerful machine only 15 ft. long


Chain and mesh belt conveyor can accept boards up to 400m (16") and handle speeds up to 1200 mm/min (47"/min). All rail has been harden-treated and comes with lubrication cup



With 8 upper and 8 bottom forced hot air heating zones get full profile control. Ideal for mid to high production.



The built-in chiller provides powerful cold wind to the cooling system, helping you control the cooling of lead-free solders.


 The touchscreen interface allows you to save more        than 50 groups of parameters including temperatures, speed and alarm. It also comes with 2 extra thermocouple ports for profiling.




 Heating zones

 Upper 6 zones

 Upper 8 zones

 Bottom 6 zones

 Bottom 8 zones

 Heating tunnel






 Net weight

 about 1100Kg

 about 1300Kg

 General power



 Power consumption



 Rising time

 12 mins

 13 mins

 Controlling type

 Touch screen and PLC

 Touch screen and PLC

 Heating method

 Fully forced air convection

 Fully forced air convection

 Temperature controlling

 PID close-loop control, SSR drive

 PID close-loop control, SSR drive

 Temperature range



 Temperature accurancy



 Temperature uniform




 one cooling zones, industrial chiller for cooling

 one cooling zones,industrial chiller for cooling

 Conveyor method

 Mesh belt and chain conveyor

 Mesh belt and chain conveyor

 Conveyor height



 Mesh belt width



 Max PCB width



 Width adjustment



 PCB clearance



 Conveyor direction

 Left to right

 Left to right

 Conveyor speed



 Hook lift

 Electrical screw pole

 Electrical screw pole

 Power supply