Inspection Series

H910 Off-line Aoi Inspection machine

Technical parameter:





Visual identity system

Discriminant method

Combined with weights imaging data difference analysis technology, color image contrast and color extraction analysis technology, the similarity, binary, OCR/OCV, distribution test and so on many kinds of algorithm comprehensive application


CCD color camera resolution: 10 micro/point

Light source

RGB LED light source annular structure

Image processing speed

0201 components

<8 ms

Every picture processing time

< 100 ms

Testing content

The printing

Whether, skewed, tin much less tin, open circuit, pollution

Parts defects

Lack of parts, migration, askew, made a, side made, turn over the pieces, polarity, wrong pieces, the damage

Solder defects

Tin much, tin tin, even less

Wave soldering detection

Little tin, tin, and solder bridge or even a short circuit, virtual welding, empty

Anti-static measures

Antistatic socket, match anti-static ring

Mechanical system

PCB size

25 mm × 25 mm to 380 mm x 480 mm  (can be based on customers' specific requirements custom-made more specifications)

PCB thickness

0.5 mm ~2.5 mm

PCB Warping degrees

<2 mm (a fixture auxiliary rectify deformation) (special request, you can custom)

Parts height


Minimum parts

01005 chip

X,Y platform

Drive equipment

Ac servo motor system

Accurate location

<25 μm

Movement speed

600 mm/SEC (MAX)

Software system

Operating system

support Microsoft Windows XP,Windows 2000,

Windows 2300 ,Windows 7

Recognition control system


Application right value image difference modeling technology and unique color, extraction analysis technology, the study ok samples, automatic establish standard images, identification data and error threshold


The graphic programming, bring their own database, according to component shape automatically choose the standard test box, precise automatic positioning, micron a tuning, process and quick



Can choose two commonly used Mark points, more than-Mark function

Recognition rate

0.35 seconds/pcs

Control system

Computer host

E5500,Dual Core Processor 3.0G,DDR4G,SSD60G


22 "LED display

Other parameters

Mechanical shape dimension(L*W*H)

860mm×960 mm×1560 mm


About 480 kg


Ac 220 v plus or minus 10%, frequency 50/60 Hz, rated power 600 W 
Bring their own UPS