Pick and Place Machine

HR625Z Full automatic visional placement machine

Function introduction:


1.Optical image recognition, flight elements of adjustment, patent math model, accurate positioning;


2.Automatic recognition of Mark PCB board, accurate positioning;


3.The LED lamp panel lamps for special arrangement, the "three points of teaching"production process, shorten the time of programming, and greatly improve production efficiency;


4.Adopt imported vacuum generator, vacuum material stablity; “instant” damage, prevent sticky material;


5.Digital air pressure detection, automatic processing and alarmlouqu material;


6.Online three transfer mode, reduce the import board time;


7.The suction nozzle of different configurations of two groups,realize the automatic replacement of suction nozzle;


8.All motors are Japanese motor, spindle servo motor for the Japanese Panasonic;

Machine model 

HR625Z Automatic vision mounter


Suit for productions

LED&LED driver and display driver PCB


The functions of machine

Realize the automatic placement of various resistor element comprises various surface LED, high-power lamp and LENS device

Can reach the buyer's request

Visual identification

Flight calibration, MARK point recognition


The software and system

HR625Zsoftware version English

Free upgrade forever

Shaft number

6 pcs

High precision shaft wear

Placement speed

Chip 3528 25000(Optimal conditions)


Placement accuracy


Mount 0-360 angle

The size of Chips

Chip 0402~0603~20*20mm(H12mm)


Chip0402 to 7272 of all specifications of SMD LED components,and ohter chips

The size of PCB


Wide substrate 12-350mm

The direction of pcb

Left to right (standard)

Full automatic feeding, discharging

The thickness of PCB



The max number of Feeder

30 PCS


Power supply

Single-phase 220V AC (50Hz) 2.2Kw


Air pressure

Dry air 0.45MPa~0.6MPa;50L/min