SMT Reflow Oven Line

HR-8C/10C Lead-free Reflow Oven


HR Series High End/Nitrogen Reflow Soldering Machine

¤Suitable For High End Products/Critical Process Criteria
¤6, 8, 10, 12 Heating Zones Available
¤Single/Dual Lane Configuration Available
¤Option Of Center Rail Support
¤Choices Of Air/Nitrogen Structure
¤High performance Of Heat Preservation/Power Saving
¤Setpoint Difference Of 90°C Between Adjacent Zone
¤Advance Small Circulation Structure, High Thermal Conduction With Low Across Temperature Deviation
¤ Fast Thermal Compensation Ability With High CPK Index
¤Option Of KIC RPI Reflow Process Inspection System
¤3 Zones Of Forced Natural Air Cooling/Option Of External Water Chiller
¤Flux Management Unit Meet With Environmental Protection Requirement
¤SMEMA Interface
¤Option Of SECS/GEM Remote Control Feature

Machine HR-8C HR-10C
Heating zones upper 8 zones upper 10 zones
bottom 8 zones bottom 10 zones
Heating tunnel 2800mm 3580mm
Dimension L4900*1270*1450 L5500*1270*1450
Net weight about 1600Kg about 1915Kg
General power 45KW 54KW
Power consumption Approx 8 KW Approx.10 KW
Rising time 20 minutes 20 minutes
Controlling type PC + PLC controlling
Heating method Fully forced air convection
Temperature controlling PID close-loop control, SSR drive
Temperature range Ambient---300℃
Temperature accurancy ±1 ℃
Temperature uniform ±1.5 ℃
Cooling 1 cooling zones (top and bottom)
Conveyor method Mesh belt and chain conveyor
Conveyor height 900±20mm
Max PCB width 350mm
PCB clearance Top / Bottom 30mm
Conveyor direction Left to right
Conveyor speed 0-1800mm/min
Hook lift Electrical screw pole
UP/Downstream communication SMEMA
Power supply 380v,3ph,50hz