SMT Peripheral Equipment

Automatic PCB invertor

Product introduction:  
Stable and reliable PLC control system
Easy to operate touch screen control interface
Using cylinder flip, quick, smooth, precise alignment
Buffer deceleration design more stable, accurate
Optional pass working mode
Smooth and parallel width adjustment(leadscrew)
SMEMA port is compatible;
Technical parameters
Function This unit is used to invert PCB (180) Meet the need of two-sided machining
PCB thickness Min0.6mm
Cycling time Approx 10 seconds
Transport direction Left to right/right to left(optional)
Transport height 900±20mm(or customized)
Air pressure 4-6 bar, MAX10L/minute
Power supply 100-230V AC(customized)  single phase,  MAX 150V/A

Model No HR-350FB HR-460FB
PCB size (L×W)~(L×W)mm (50x50)~(450x350) (50x50)~(550x460)
Machine size (L×W×H)mm 500×850×1200 600×950×1200
Weight 110kg 130kg