PCB handling equipment

Inspection Conveyor/ Conveyor with Lamp

Product introduction:
Steel frame, static painted surface;
Balance weight design improve the stability;
Optional pass/inspection working mode;
Smooth and parallel width adjustment(leadscrew);
According the customer’s damand to customize the stoping PCB number;
Variable speed control;
SMEMA port is compatible;
 Technical parameters
Function This equipment is used for the connection between the line
PCB thickness Min0.6mm
Transport direction Left to right/right to left(optional)
Transport height 900±20mm(or customized)
Power supply 100-230V AC(customized)  single phase,  MAX 100V/A

Model No HR-1200 HR-1200D
PCB size(L×W)~(L×W)mm (50x50)~(450x350) (50x50)~(550x460)
Machine size (L×W×H)mm 1000×700×910 1000×800×910
Weight 50kg 70kg