SMT Cutting Machine

PCB Curve Cutting Machine

Product introduction:
1. With high pixel CCD zoom lens, auxiliary program teaching and editing features, the precision is higher, the image is clearer.
2. The PCB upper and lower feeding device for the interaction of the two platforms., can effectively reduce the machine idle time, so as to achieve the ideal production efficiency.
3. Automatic correction MARK point positioning systems, mobile path with real-time display and analog line tracking, shows at a glance, automatic registration correction function, higher precision, the PCB
As long as the x axis and y axis deviation within plus or minus 3 mm range, machine vision can be automatically route correction. Greatly improve the The working efficiency.
4. Monitoring tool life ,  distance and frequency can be set according to the length of the blade.
so extend the life of the cutter.
5. Transparent security door design, make the process be clear at a glance, door stop processing at the time of the accident prevention, to provide a security check to manipulate the environment.
6. Industry leading, fast programming by importing the CAD file, save the time of edit new product knife road, more precise than enlarge visual programming.
Specifications parameter
Model No HR-8000
Foot adjustable height 60~100mm
Control motor type RUKING-SEAZ-20LRCP
X Y Z’s largest mobile area 800mm x 450mm x 60mm
Single workable area 350mm x 400mm
Double workable area 750mm x 400mm
Plate positioning way Fixture positioning, vision correction
Plate thickness <5mm
Spindle motor speed 60000rpm/min
Cooling way Since the cold
Replace the tool way Special wrench to replace
Maximum cutting speed 200mm/s
Max Moving Speed 1000mm/s
Cutting repeat accuracy 0.01mm
filtration system power 2.2KW380V Motor
Power 2KW AC220V
Air supply 2~5KG/cm2
Cutting function Straight line, slash, arcs,round
Program memory According to need to select the storage location
Configuration programming CCD computar series high pixel color CCD
Dust collection Lower dust and independent dust collection
Cutter diameter compensation Automatic compensation
Shaft position accuracy 0.001mm
Cutting accuracy 0.02mm
Machine size 1550mm*1350mm*1450mm(With the display)
Weight About 750KG