PCB Cutting Machine

Integrated Curve PCB Cutting Machine

Product introduction
1,Built-in Dust Collector, with a bottom box to collect dust, maintenance should be done according to specific production schedule.
2,PCB could be taken off automatically after work is finished, this machine could communicate directly with front machine , such as SMT magazine Loader.
3,PCB would be put on machine for working by professional fixture, to avoid error caused by wrong position
4,Self-correction on error of PCB installation, make sure it matches request of high accuracy.
5,Static eliminator applicated to clear static generated during high speed shear of main bearing, which is able to avoid damage and dust piled up by static
6,Safe door for isolation from noise and dust.
7,Touch screen to display, set and control, simple operation
8,Able to connect with feeding equipment, and divide them onto plate.
Specifications parameter
Model No HR-8000D
Machine size 1420(H)870(W)570(L)mm
Power supply AC 220V 2.0 KW
Weight About 150KG
Vacuum cleaner size built-in/  585(H)500(W)600(L)mm
Vacuum cleaner power 1.5KW
Vacuuming way + ions under the direction of the wind blowing on the strong aspiration
Table size 320mm*350mm
Max cutting size 300mm*320mm
Control system Four axes motion controller
Camera High-speed smart cameras, bringing gong dao diameter circle show.
drive system X/Y/Z three-axis ac motor closed-loop control
Screw/guide The Taiwan high precision lead screw and linear guide of silver
Cutting principal axis 60000 r/min self-cooled
Cutting function The executable point, line, arc, circle cutting
Cutting speed 1-200mm/sec
Cutting Accuracy ±0.02(mm)
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.01(mm)
Coordinate empty move speed 800mm/s
Milling cutter ∅ 0.8 ∅ 3.0 left-handed
Security protection The security protection
display 12 inch display
Abnormal alarm function Three color light display
programmatically CCD moving through holding a box control, automatic programming guide, easy to learn.