Pick and Place Machine

Samsung Decan Series Decan S1 S2

Decan S1 Features:

• Improves actual productivity
• Improves placement quality
• Reduces loss rate

Highest Performance among Chip Mounters of the Same Class

Highest Applicability of Medium Speed Chip Mounters to PCBs
• 510 x 510mm (standard) / 1500 x 460mm (option)
– Possible to produce PCBs up to 1,500mm(L) x 460mm(W) in size

Expands the Component Recognition Range with a High Pixel Camera
• The fly camera can recognize all chips of 03015 ~  16mm

Improves Simultaneous Pickup Rate
• Arranges pocket positions automatically through communication between the machine and feeder

Improves the Placement Speed of an Odd-Shape Component
• Increases speed by approximately 25% by optimizing the fix camera-recognized motion sequence

Places Microchips Stably

Recognizes the Nozzle Center
• Improves the microchip loss rate and placement quality by preventing the occurrence of air leaks

Run Time Calibration
• Maintains placement accuracy by performing automatic calibration during production

Auto Maintenance Prevents Pickup Error and Maintains Placement Quality*
• Measures pneumatic pressure and flow rate of the nozzle and shaft
• Removes foreign materials on the nozzle and shaft by high pressure
air blast

Increased Convenience of Operation

Reduces the Teaching Time of a Large Odd-shape Component
• Expanded FOV of Fiducial Camera:  7.5mm →  12mm
– Reduces the time to teach the component pickup/placement point and improves the convenience of teaching

Maintains the Pickup Coordinate of the Common Feeder
• When changing a model, reduces the model changing time by succeeding in the pickup information of a similar model

Unifies the Chip Component Lighting Level
• By setting the same lighting value collectively, minimizes the lighting changing time, removes the productivity deviation by machine, and improves the convenience of part DB management

Support of Multi-vendor Component *
• It’s possible to manage the same components supplied by two suppliers in one part name, so it’s possible to perform production continuously without changing the PCB program for the components supplied by different vendors

Teaches Large-sized Components Easily (Panoramic View)
• Performs split-recognition of a large-sized component that is out of
the camera recognition range (FOV) and merges split component images into a single image before displaying.
– Easily teaches the pickup/placement position of a large-sized component

* Since this is under development, it will be available for the Auto Maintenance function in December 2018 and the Multi-Vendor function in October 2018.