PCB handling equipment

SMT Reel Scrap Tape cutting machine

Product introduction:
1.This equipment is used for smt tape cutting, which in the chip mounter tape recycling place ;
2.The chip mounter usually has no function of tape recycling, the waste tapes are treated as garbage collection, and manually cut with scissors;
3.SMT automatic tape cutting machine is completely replace the manual cutting tape, the cutting function of material belt and film is realized ; The cutting tapes is recycled to the automatic tape cutting machine.
4.The cutted tapes and films falling in the SMT material recycling drawer of the tape cutting machine, Convenient staff finally concentrated treatment. Not only give employees a good working environment, and also can better demonstrate a good 5S management ability (there are examples in their customers to visit, to their production line 5S praise, especially at the SMT lines).

The machine features:
1.This model of smt automatic tape cutting machine is suitable for SMT with a variety of materials, from the thick 0.05mm film to the 1.5mm band can be easily cut;;
2.Patent (patent number ZL201520023125.6) equipment beautiful, small footprint, Conviniently to use and storage.
The specific size can according to the customer the feeder under custom recovery area.
3. The blade material: imported SKD-11, guaranteed for one year without sharpening.
4.The patent (Patent No. ZL201530007763.4) rolling cutter cutting system, When cutting on the cutter bottom eight spring tension in the cutter edge plane and tangent point contact. To solve the shortcomings of the common market under the knife to cut the blade wear faster, where our shear belt machine warranty for two years (including blade), four knife can be turned to use, can be repeatedly grinding cutter. At the same time, it completely solves the phenomenon that the traditional belt shears use the knife blade to cut back and forth frequently.
5. Microcomputer intelligent control, cutting time and length can be set. One button start / stop, easy to operate.
6. With waste recycling safety sensor, when the material box off the device to stop working automatically, It can prevent employees from hand from the bottom of the device tool work area to ensure the safety of equipment. Ensure the pure shearing after all fall into the recovery box at the same time.
7. The machine shear stroke two ends limit limit switch, beyond the trip power outage. To prevent the photoelectric switch failure after the tool out of the limit motor has been working, burned motor caused short circuit situation.
8. The machine warranty for one year, permanent after-sales service.

 Technical parameters
Model No HR-800
Function This equipment is used for smt tape cutting, which in the chip mounter tape recycling place
Machine size (L×W×H)mm L800×W295×H520mm
Cutting width >800 mm
Cutting length 10-110 mm
Cutting mode Circular Running Cutting
Transmission mode Gear assembly
Driving mode Motor + synchronous belt
Cutting Speed 4m/min
Tape box induction: Photoelectric induction
Power supply 100-230V AC(customized)  ,50~60HZ
Weight 35 kg